Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why Your Company Needs Google AdWords

If you aren’t already using it, it’s probably time for your company to start thinking about Google AdWords. While the ads you can create with this are quite simple, they are also very effective. This is because, when set up correctly, your advertisements will be shown to people who are actively seeking what you are offering.

Now you can’t just create a campaign in a few minutes, leave it on autopilot and expect it to work, at least, not without being disappointed. Creating these Google ads takes time and research. You need to know which keywords that are relevant to your product or service are being searched. You need to know which keywords have high levels competition and which ones have low levels of competition. Then you have to sprinkle your carefully researched keywords throughout your ad while still effectively communicating your message and staying within the character limit Google provides.

Once this is complete, set your budget and launch your campaign. You can usually expect to get a good amount of impressions, clicks and hopefully calls. Unfortunately, this will not be the end of your campaign management process. Keyword trends change on a monthly basis. They actually change on an hourly basis, but it’s best to look at them over a period of a month to allow a broader view of trends. You will need to track how consumers searching habits change and alter your advertisements accordingly.

This can present itself as a major challenge to companies that don’t believe the time to accomplish this. Luckily, you can outsource this task to other companies, S2N Design included. This will save you the hassle, but still get you the results.

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