Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bathroom Advertising: Passes The Smell Test

Advertising in the bathroom, is it a smart idea? People are already bombarded with ads everywhere they turn. From television and radio to buses and billboards, no one can escape them. Still, bathroom advertising seems quite invasive. Surely, consumers would be upset.

Research has shown that may not be the case.

Consumers Respond Favorable To Advertisements In Restrooms
According to LifeTips people do not have unpleasant feelings towards advertising in public restrooms. In fact, 43% of those surveyed indicated that they felt bathroom advertising is a "very good" idea, while only 2% felt it was a "very poor" idea. The same study showed that 24% gave a more positive response to a brand as a result of advertising in public restrooms. 5% had a more negative response to a brand. This shows that the majority of people are not upset by bathroom advertising. It actually has a positive effect in most cases.

Consumers Remember Advertisements In Restrooms
Not only do most people respond favorably, but the engagement rate is very high. BrooWaha posted an article with some pretty amazing statistics. Out of everyone questioned, 84% were able to recall specific advertisements they had seen in the restroom, 92% were able to name the specific advertisers without prompting, and 88% remembered at least four selling points of the ads they saw. This proves that advertising placed in public restrooms are extremely effective at capturing people's attention. This is most likely because there is not much else competing for their attention.

Targeting Advertisements In Restrooms Is Easy
It should also be noted that bathroom advertising is also easily targeted. Obviously, one can separate genders quite easily, but one can also target based on income, age, and lifestyle by researching which demographics go to which restaurants, bars, or wherever.

For these reasons it seems that bathroom advertising is worth exploring. Any ads that don't bother people, capture attention, and produce favorable attitude changes are always a good idea.

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